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I am an hourly employee and now I have to work fewer hours, can I get a-kassa?

Yes, then you can be entitled to benefits from a-kassan as long as you do not receive salary for the time you would have worked.

If you already receive a-kassa, you need to continue to fill in and submit your report cards as usual.

If you are not already registered as unemployed at Arbetsförmedlingen, you need to do so first to be entitled to a-kassa.
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  • Hi!
    I am employed with a full time permanent contract but will have to work about one day less per week because of a decrease in workload due to the Corona situation and will not receive payment for the days I will not work. Could I get help from A-kassan?
    Thank you!
  • Hi Valentina!

    Thank you for your question. If you are still employed fulltime, you will not be able to receive compensation from the unemployment insurance fund for that day.

    You can only receive compensation for days you are unemployed and if you have a fulltime employment you are not counted as unemployed.

    Best regards


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