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Have I worked enough to get a-kassa?

in has been eight months of employment with 90% .have I entitled to a cash payment if I become unemployed.

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  • Hi Estifanos! Thank you for your question.

    In order to receive a-kassa, you must have worked to a certain extent, which means that you should have:

    • Worked at least 80 hours per calendar month for six months. The months need not be consecutive, but they should be within a period of twelve months or
    • Worked at least 50 hours per calendar month and at least 480 hours in total for six consecutive months.
    When we calculate your a-kassa, we normally look at the 12 months that are closest to the month you became unemployed. But, for example, if you were on parental leave, sick or full-time, we may have to go further back in time. What you get depends on how long you have been a member, how much you worked and your previous income.

    Please remember that if you have terminated yourself from your work, you may be suspended from a-kassa for 45 days. In some cases, if you have valid reasons, you may not have a suspension. It is not possible to say in advance exactly what is a valid reason. We try each case separately.

    I hope my answer helped you. If you have any further questions, please do not hesistate to give us a call at 0771-25 80 00. We are open weekdays between 9AM to 3PM.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi ,
    I applied for ersättning from Akasa and Akasa asked me somthing like Arbetsgivaintyg and I have received it from bemaning via sms and I dont know how to send it to Akasa??? my mean is by post or email or ...
    fariba salmantabar
  • Hi Fariba!

    Thank you for your question.

    You can send the arbetsgivarintyg by e-mail to akassan@kommunalsakassa.se or by post to:
    Kommunals a-kassa
    FE 51
    930 88 Arjeplog

    Med vänlig hälsning
  • hi, I only worked 48 hrs per month in the last 9 months, will I receive an a-kassa?
    Katherine Kieth Katigbak Balane
  • Hi Katherine!

    Unfortunately that is not enough hours to be eligble for a-kassa. You need 420 hours during a period av six months with att least 40 hours per month.

    Best regards,
    Yesinde Aluko

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