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How does it affect my a-kassa if I get fired or resign from my job?

I work in IT (as far I know there are a few different A-KASSAs, not sure if it makes any difference) and I am considering to star paying for A-KASSA. The concept here in Sweden is completely different comparing to my country, so I am little confused with:

What exactly does "got unemployed" means - is there any difference if I resign (from my side as my decision) comparing to my contract was terminated because of the company decision? Can I find any information about this?

I have not paid a-kassa so far, is there any way how can I secure my job change / some type of special insurance for it? - as I understand it takes time before a-kassa kicks in and more than current job I would like insure myself in case of a job change (so basically resign from my side + risk of a new company/position)

Thank you,


  • Hello Honza and thank you for your question!

    Depending on where you work, you might want to join another a-kassa but give us a call and we will help you. Our phone number is 0771-25 80 00 and you can reach us Monday to Friday 09.00-15.00.

    To answer your other questions, yes there is a difference if you resign or if get fired from your job. If you resign there is a 45 work day sanction period before you start receiving a-akssa opposed to the regular 6 day period if you get fired.
    To be eligible for a-kassa you either:
    • Must have worked at least 80 hours a month for 6 months within a twelve month period.
    • Or 50 hours a month and at least 480 hours within a 6 month period.
    We do not offer insurance for time previous to you joining A-kassan.

    I hoped my answers were of use.

    Kind regards
    Mats, Kommunals a-kassa


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